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At this time we do not offer alterations that require an in-person fitting.

Saving your clothes just became seamless.

  • Small Fixes

    • Replacing up to 4 buttons on a single garment
    • Repairing small holes (less than 4” wide)
    • Letting out a hem (please provide your desired measurements, or say 'let it out as far as possible')
    • Minor hem that does not require in-person fitting (please provide your desired measurements)
    • Add a patch
  • Big Fixes

    • Multiple repairs on the same garment
    • Replacing 5 or more buttons on a single garment
    • Repairing big holes (more than 4” wide)
    • Replacing zippers of any size 
    • Replacing lining of pockets​
    • Sewing in bra cups (you can provide yours or specify a size)
    • Any repairs involving beadwork

Are you a reseller, retailer, or brand looking for bulk mending services?

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