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  • Apply to be a Mender and get placed on the app!

    There is no cost to join the MendIt platform as a “Mender” small business. MendIt is meant to support and bring additional revenue to small businesses.
    By joining us, you will get paid up front, capture a new market, free up your admin time, and increase sales.

    This also applies to non-profit organizations that host textile labs. Non-profit organizations may also join as Menders. 

  • Circular Economy for Textiles

    The equivalent of one garbage truck full of textiles is dumped into a landfill or burned every second worldwide (Ellen MacArthur Foundation)

    Our marketplace empowers consumers to make circular fashion a reality.

  • Small Businesses & Non-Profits

    In 2021, almost 87% of tailors, dressmakers, and sewers in the US were women. As of 2019, there were approximately 21,500 tailors, dressmakers, and sewers in the U.S. (Statista).

  • Sustainable Futures

    At its core, sustainability means meeting the needs of our generation without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. Our humble contribution to a more sustainable economy is two-fold: removing barriers to extending the life of clothing and recycling at end-of-product-life.