4 Simple Ways to Extend the Life of your Clothes

4 Simple Ways to Extend the Life of your Clothes

There’s no reason why you should be throwing out your clothes just because they’re worn out. In fact, there are a few simple steps you can take to help your clothes last longer. Follow these 4 simple tips and soon you’ll be wearing your grandfather’s cozy sweater or that dress that still looks good after all these years!

1) Learn how to clean different fabrics

Depending on the material of your clothes, there are different ways you can care for them. In general, it’s good practice to avoid washing synthetic fabrics in hot water and drying them in high heat. And don’t over-dry your clothes – hang dry whenever possible. If they’re machine washable, consider adding a tennis ball or wool ball to the dryer to keep them from getting too tangled up inside.Finally, invest in a handheld steamer. Sometimes clothes that are wrinkled from wear are also perfectly clean. A quick steam will release the wrinkles and refresh the fabric without running through a whole wash cycle. Plus, who doesn’t love reducing your laundry load!?

2) Avoid over-stretching or over-washing

Over-stretching or over-washing your clothing can cause tiny tears in material. Doing so will lead to fraying, which then leads to holes. If you’re going to have a pair of jeans for years, re-wear them without washing until they are actually dirty or have a stain that needs treatment.  When it comes to denim, washing less can mean more longevity in between washings. That goes for all clothing types too; take care of what you wear, and you’ll do good for the planet at the same time. 

3) Take good care of buttons, zippers, and hems

Inspect your clothes frequently for loose buttons, faulty zippers, and holes in hems. A small repair job can keep your clothes in wearable condition and out of the landfills.

4) Download the Mend It App Today 

The MendIt app for iPhone and Android makes mending convenient and a seamless process.  In a few taps, the MendIt app connects you to local businesses that specialize in mending clothes. Let them work their magic on clothing repairs to breathe new life into your favorite pieces. 

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